About Michael

As A Fiddle Player:                                                                                                                                        

From whirlwind jigs and powerful reels to plaintive aires and humor-filled hornpipes, Michael Mullen's fiddle is guaranteed to engage and entertain an audience. Whether what you want is a solo fiddle, a traditional Scottish-Irish duo, or something that pushes the tradition a bit with a larger sound, Michael can deliver. He is equally at home wowing a home-town pub crowd as he is performing in circumstances that are more technically demanding and require more elegance of the performer. 

Though he has spent the last few decades immersing himself in idioms of fiddling that are particular to Irish and Scottish music, the first half of Michael's life was devoted to practicing to be a classical violinist. While he can tear it up with all the vivre and excitement inherent in the best fiddle music, at the same time he can play with the control and power that comes only through formal training. Thus he has developed a reputation over the years as an enthralling interpreter of Scottish and Irish fiddle music who can send chills down backs one moment and set feet to stomping the next. Whether what you need is something more refined to lend just the right atmosphere to a formal function, or a spirited performance guaranteed to make people take notice, Michael can deliver like few others are able. 

Michael has been known as a high-energy fiddler for years, receiving much praise from critics and audiences for both his studio and live work. He has attracted a following in his own right as a dynamic performer both as a traditional fiddler and in less doctrinaire musical settings. He has musically and professionally matured into one of the leading Celtic violinists. From a rousing rock show to a cultivated white-shirt affair, Michael can make it happen. Book him for your event today. 


As A Solo Performer: 

Michael has made a career out of playing fiddle as support for others, and he has been a valuable asset for several bands over the decades. But these days, Michael uses technology to accompany himself. Not only is he a master of the fiddle, Michael also plays guitar and sings. Using a machine called a looper, he plays through the accompaniment of a song--verse and chorus--then while that plays back he switches to fiddle, performing lead on violin and singing through the song. Sometimes there will be several musical things happening onstage all at once even though Michael is up there by himself. Thus his descriptive phrase, Trio Of One.