Michael's Discography--

TEMPEST Serrated Edge (1992) Beacon Records, Cs, CD
TEMPEST Live From Studio A, sampler (1993) WCBE, CD
TEMPEST Sunken Treasures (1993) Firebird, Cs, CD
CADILLAC COWBOYS Country That Kicks (1994) CD
CADILLAC COWBOYS Cowboys Have Their Own Set Of Rules (1995) CD
TEMPEST To Cry You A Song - Jethro Tull Tribute (1996) Magna Carta, CD
TEMPEST The Gravel Walk (1997) Magna Carta, CD
CALIBAN Caliban (1998) Magna Carta, CD
TEMPEST 10th Anniversary Collection (1998) Magna Carta, CD
TEMPEST Live at the Philadelphia Folk Festival (1999) CD
ADOLFO LUIS LAZO El Callejon: The Alley (1999) self-produced, CD
RUDY COLOMBINI Message of Love (1999) Marvelous Show Records, CD
GLEN DELPIT High Water Everywhere (2000) Dharma Brand, CD
ROB WULLENJOHN Blue on Green (2000) Monkey Palace Records, CD
ROBERT BERRY The Wheel Of Time Soundtrack (2001), Magna Carta, CD
LUCY STONER Foureyes (2002) self-produced, CD
MICHAEL MULLEN AND NIALL FORDYCE Pangur Ban (2002) Wise Cat Records, CD
IAN BUTLER Creme De La Phlegm (2002) IBMusic, CD
SGIAN DHU Promo Disc (2003) Wise Cat Records, CD
WILD HUNT Promo Disc (2003) Wise Cat Records, CD
TIM HART Traditional and Original Music Feat. The Irish Whistle (2003) CD
JACK FOSTER III JazzRaptor (2003) Muse Wrapped Records, CD
MICHAEL MULLEN Fiddler's Creed (2004) Wise Cat Records, CD
TIM HART Five After Four (2004), CD
TEMPEST 15th Anniversary Collection (2004) Magna Carta, CD Box Set
TEMPEST Lief's Birthday Bash (2007), Magna Carta, CD
BELTAINE'S FIRE Weapon of the Future (2007), CD
PETER DALDRY Familiar Roads (2007), CD
WICKED TINKERS Rant (2008), Thistle Pricks, CD
TEMPEST Prime Cuts (2008), Magna Carta, CD
TEMPEST Another Dawn (2010), Magna Carta, CD