Press Quotes

Things that have been said about Michael in the music press over the years...

Michael has been described as a "fiddle demon" (Progression, Winter/Spring 1998); his playing and performance as "energetic" (YAKIMA(Washington) HERALD-REPUBLIC Friday, March 24, 2000), "virtuoso" (Dayton Voice September 17-23, 1998), "hyper" (Progression, Winter/Spring 1998), and "manic" (Anil Prasad Dirty Linen Magazine, June/July 2004).

'Fiddler Michael Mullen blows the crowd away with his "hot fiddle" renditions...' (Manteca Bulletin, August 2011);

'Fiddle player Michael Mullen got the crowd up and on it's feet yesterday at the Camp Stage of the Philadelphia Folk Festival' (Philadelphia Inquirer, August 1999);

'Michael Mullen's fiddle solo on "For Three Of Us" is a real standout' (Jim Chokey, 2005);

'Mullen's "Slippery Slide" is a muscular guitar workout that brings to mind late '70s Jethro Tull with a killer fiddle in the mix' (Bill Chaisson, Dirty Linen Magazine, August 2006);

Mullen is a versatile player (Conrad L. Stinnett, Goldmine, March 2006);

'American fiddler Michael Mullen tweaks the traditional Northern European sound with heavy modern electric amplification and funky rock improvisation a la '70s jam bands like Jethro Tull and the Allman Brothers.' (Frank Zeccola, The San Francisco Observer, April 2004);

You will be “...hard-pressed to find anyone to play the violin with as much piss & vinegar as Michael Mullen.” (Mark Tinta – Glass Eye: June Review, Toledo Ohio, 2 May 2000).