Music Intructor

Michael is a violin and fiddle instructor with 43 + years playing experience and 20 + years teaching experience. He is accepting new students for private instruction. Potential new students must have a willingness to learn and practice. Michael will teach the beginner proper playing technique, music theory as it applies to the violin, how to read music, how to memorize, and good practice habits. Though he is a fiddler by trade, Michael teaches beginner and intermediate students of his violin technique from a violin method that yields results. Michael's philosophy about basic approaches to playing is "Good technique is good technique regardless of what kind of music you play". Children benefit from good musical instruction in a variety of important ways, among them are improved ability to concentrate and increased scores in most academic areas. If you are an adult learning for the first time then Michael believes that you CAN learn to play violin or fiddle. Learning to play a musical instrument can be both fun and fulfilling, and the violin is one of the most expressive of musical instruments. Give it a try today!